The FLOW Symposium will be streamed from Vancouver, BC to the device of your choice, in the setting you prefer!

What an age we live in! While in-person visits and live in-person conferences have been restricted, there are no restrictions on our imaginations and use of modern technology. FLOWS 2021 will be live streamed from Vancouver to wherever you want to be: your bedroom, your living room, in the garden, on the rooftop! The choice is yours. We just ask that the place you choose to log in from, and the device you log in with are all suitable to for learning and streaming!


Our Streaming Locations

The event will be streamed from Vancouver BC, Canada

Speaker locations are as follows:

  • Peace River, Alberta
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Santa Cruz, California
  • New York, New York
  • Portland, Oregon
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark


For our Live Virtual Streaming event there will be a virtual parking space of 9.95 per day (depending on the quality of your camera) – Just Kidding! 🙂

“I think you did a fabulous job. Well organized and lots of choices for speakers. Thank you!”

COMS Attendee

So happy you are running this again, COMS and now FLOWS is such a great learning event!

Virtual Registrant!

Really happy to hear that you’ll be offering a virtual conference this year! Looking forward to it.
Many thanks for all you do to support our Chinese Medicine community.
With Gratitude,



FLOWS will be Streamed from Vancouver, BC with speakers joining from around the world!

Location & Directions

Choose a location based on your hearts desire!


FLOWS 2021 Brings you the following renowned teachers: Jeffrey Yuen, Bob Quinn, Laurie Regan, Brenda Hood, Sonia Tan, Janice Walton-Haddock and Moshe Heller!


Virtually bringing you and your community of colleagues together in a dynamic learning retreat! Get your CEUs, see what is new, meet new and old friends!