The Chinese Symbol System Hides in your Patients’ Dreams! – Dream Interpretation

Morning 1 hour
The Chinese Symbol System Hides in your Patients’ Dreams!

We know from our ancient texts that Chinese scholar-physicians have long recognized the diagnostic importance of dream images, much as Carl Jung discovered centuries later. The late Jeremy Taylor, a noted dream therapist and Bob Quinn ‘s mentor of many years in dream interpretation, always claimed: All dreams come in the service of health, healing, and wholeness (yes, even nightmares). He also once said: No system of medicine can make a claim to being authentically (w)holistic if it excludes dreams.

That is a bold statement, and we might find ourselves reacting defensively to this claim, but it is in a certain sense mathematically demonstrable. We are asleep 1/3 of our lives, so how can we claim to represent a (w)holisitic perspective, if we exclude what occurs in our dreams.

In this seminar Bob Quinn, DAOM and Laurie Regan, Ph.D., ND, will present the Projective Dreamwork Method that Jeremy Taylor developed and show how it is remarkably consistent with what is written in the Nei Jing. Dreams often contain clear five-phase themes, but that is not the only manner in which our Chinese Medicine symbol system shows up in dreams—san jiao theory occurs in dreams, yin-yang theory, acupuncture point names, hints on needed changes in herbal direction, and so on. Once one sees how helpful and illuminating this information can be, there is no turning back.

Afternoon 3 hour

Dream Interpretation – The Finer Details On Making This An Exciting Part Of Your Practice!

In this 3 hour afternoon workshop, Bob and Laurie will share the work they have done on hundreds of dreams in this Chinese Medicine manner. The results have been so exciting that dream analysis has become a key part of Bob’s clinical practice, both a

t National University of Natural Medicine where he teaches, and in his private clinic. Many patient dreams will be presented in this seminar for the participants to actually work, as if they were with the client. These dreams will clearly demonstrate the value of engaging patients in this way. This can result in surprisingly effective treatments, but it also should be mentioned that when patients see that the images arising from their deeper unconscious realms contain helpful therapeutic information, it changes them in a profound way. They become more engaged in their own healing process. Of course, this is an excellent way to create a closer mentorship relationship with your patients, because these patients, once convinced that their dreams offer key clues to their healing, are the most loyal patients imaginable. Teaching and mentoring patients is a key aspect to the FLOW (Facilitating Life – and Optimizing Wellness) nature of a TCM or Integrative Practitioner’s practice. By encouraging patients to look for connections and signs in both their waking and sleep times, you empower them to use this information to optimize their wellness over time.

Participants will leave the seminar with a clear framework for working with their patients’ dreams and the confidence to start the journey. Resources for further study will be shared. Please join us for a memorable seminar that might just be a key inflection point for your life and career.

  • Date: Saturday March 27, 2021
  • Speakers: Bob Quinn and Laurie Regan 
  • CEUs/PDAs: 4 (IVAS total 2 CEUs – morning .5 and afternoon 1.5)
  • Modality: Body/mind/ Spirit

Bob Quinn and Laurie Regan

Bob Quinn, DAOM, L.Ac.

Bob has been a full-time Associate Professor of Chinese Medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland since 2009; before that, he taught and supervised at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He first entered acupuncture practice in 1998 with a master’s degree from OCOM, and later returned to earn his doctoral degree in Chinese Medicine in 2008.

Since 1999, Bob has been studying various Japanese styles of acupuncture, bodywork, and moxibustion. He has published many articles in his field, as well as book reviews and interviews with noted authorities. In his practice Bob is committed to the gentle approaches developed in Japan; he finds in these styles a good match for patients suffering from chronic illness, and he enjoys the challenge of helping these patients recover. He has studied shiatsu, traditional Thai massage, Sotai, and qigong tuina. His style of acupuncture is informed by all these studies in bodywork, giving him a very gentle, hands-on approach. At the end of a treatment, his goal is for a patient to feel renewed and transformed in mind and body.

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Laurie Regan

Laurie Regan has served as the Dean of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon since 2005. She received a doctorate in Neurobiology from Harvard University in 1991, and an ND degree from NUNM in 1997.

For the past 2 decades, she has studied qigong in the US and China under the mentorship of Professor Wang Qingyu, lineage holder of the Jinjing School of Qigong. In 2010, she attended the first Shan Ren Dao retreat in mainland China open to foreigners, and has co-led SRD retreats in the U.S. annually since that time.

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