Attendee Reviews

“There was a good variety of workshops to choose from – there seemed to be something for everyone. Great samples too!”

“Organization was great and people were so helpful! Great job! Hotel is superb! Loved the energetic experience!”

“I liked hearing about new research developments in both herbal medicine and acupuncture.”

“It was, and always is, wonderful. I always leave feeling inspired and excited to apply this new thinking for my patients. Thanks for everything! Great work!!”

“I loved the organization of the Symposium and the personal approach of Eastern Currents staff, plus, John’s passion for the profession and his caring compassion for the participants whom he treats as personal guests.”

“Very well organized, very friendly presenters, organizers and participants.”

“I think you did a fabulous job. Well organized and lots of choices for speakers. Thank you!”

“It was fantastic! Thanks John Stan! And Thanks everyone that was involved!”

“Thank you for all your hard work at this year’s COMS. You were all so organized, helpful and happy, which coupled with the amazing speakers made COMS 2013 an experience we will never forget!”

Thank You For…

“…the international variety, great networking, exposure to modern TCM, helpful staff.”

“…the networking with colleagues and old school mates, [product] samples and a chance to see and try new products.”

“…the spirit, the atmosphere, the mixture of people and backgrounds, and the very interesting topics.”

“…the morning Qi Gong to start off the day.”

“…the fun, relaxed yet energized atmosphere.”

“…bringing in speakers that provide a new outlook/view of different therapies.”

“…opening my eyes to new ideas regarding treating patients.”