Anxiety in children during the pandemic – Lets Give Them Help!

Morning 1 hr talk
Anxiety in children during the pandemic – Part 1

We have seen an increase of cases of anxiety and depression in children during this pandemic. Not only are they anxious of having to deal with the fear of getting the disease, but also lack of social interaction, needing to adapt to a different learning environment and possible tensions within the household all impact the level of anxiety.

In this morning talk we will discuss what are the possible patho-mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety in today’s child.

Afternoon 3 hr talk
Anxiety in children during the pandemic – Part 2

In the afternoon workshop, we will further deconstruct anxiety in youth and look at a 5 the element perspective of this disorder and how it can help us understand the patient and provide more accurate treatment. Furthermore we will discuss how we can use 5 element theory to explore the family dynamic and provide children and parents tools to interact harmoniously so to reduce anxiety levels within the whole family. Seeing a youth’s anxiety from this 5 element whole family system framework will provide practitioners greater treatment options to resolve this new type of emotional pandemic of fear.

  • Date: Sunday March 28, 2021
  • Speaker: Moshe Heller 
  • CEUs/PDAs: 4
  • Modality: Acupuncture, Herbs, Self-cultivation 

Moshe Heller

Moshe Heller is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego. He is the former academic dean and chair of the department of oriental medicine at Pacific College, New York. Moshe has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine for the past 24 years. He taught at the Hebrew University, Medicine College, and the Israeli College of Complementary Medicine. He has been teaching Pediatrics at Pacific Collage, NY and developed a postgrad program for Chinese Medical Pediatrics and lectured at the Pacific Symposium in San Diego. Moshe currently maintains a busy practice in NYC.

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