THE 18th YEAR OF FLOWS (COMS) MARCH 26-28, 2021


Learn New Protocols & Get Inspired at the FLOW Symposium!

FLOW returns for its 18th year on March 26-28, 2021. This year we’ll be offering – Friday pre-symposium with Jeffrey Yuen, intensive 1 day workshop Saturday/Sunday: three 1 hour lectures in the morning followed by a choice of a three hour session in the afternoon.

Qi Gong will be offered each morning for all three days. Streamed live from the UK with Peter Deadman! Each workshop will be taught by the world renowned speakers Jeffrey Yuen, Bob Quinn, Laurie Regan, Brenda Hood, David Bray, Janice Walton Hadlock, Moshe Heller, and Sonia Tan, who will ensure you walk away with both a deeper understanding of the topics and concrete techniques to bring back to your clinic!

FLOW is a safe virtual symposium during the COVID-19 pandemic but it will be as fun and interactive as a live in-person event. So don’t miss this opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones, and expand your community of like-minded practitioners.

  • Learn new treatment protocols and get inspired!

  • Connect with colleagues, meet old friends and make new ones

  • Enjoy our free draws each morning with LOTS of great prizes!

  • Meet your favourite suppliers and ask questions

  • Enjoy the convivial ambience that FLOW is famous for

  • The FLOW Symposium will be hosted on the Net of Knowledge platform known for its robust features and learning resource centre.

More about our Symposium

Alternating between “Yin” and “Yang” years, we offer a variety of in-depth two-day sessions or a three-day potpourri of shorter sessions designed to keep you inspired and at the leading-edge of what’s new in TCM!

In March 2021 we revert to our “Yang-style” Symposium, join us for a Pre-Symposium workshop, plus 2 days with 6 different TCM experts.

FLOW: Facilitating Life, Optimizing Wellness

All health problems are Life’s way of calling for help. At its core, TCM/Acupuncture is a system of medicine that is about Facilitating Life. Jing, Qi, and Shen are all various aspects of Life trying to express itself in each person as freely and abundantly as possible! We as practitioners are taught to understand the various natures of Life as expressed through Yin, Yang, the 5 phases and circadian rhythms of the channel system.

TCM/Acupuncturists act as “Change Agents of Life!” We liberate Life when it is congested, feed it when it is undernourished and optimize it over our patient’s lifetime.

Come and be inspired and empowered to be the best Change Agent of Life and Health you can be!

Don’t miss this opportunity to…

  • Learn new treatment protocols and get inspired!
  • Connect with colleagues, meet old friends and make new ones
  • Enjoy our free draws each morning with LOTS of great prizes!
  • Enjoy the convivial ambience that COMS is famous for

Past speakers at COMS

Over our 17-year history, we’ve been proud to welcome top TCM and Integrative Health practitioners to impart their knowledge. Previous speakers include:

Giovanni Maciocia • Kiiko Matsumoto • Susan Johnson • Jeffrey Yuen • Whitfield Reaves • Neil Gumenick • Suzanne Robidoux • Sabine Wilms • Janice Walton-Hadlock • Jake Fratkin • Jill Blakeway • Lillian Bridges • Holly Guzman • Will Morris • Yair Maimon • Christine Chang • Felice Dunas • Daniel Keown • Debra Betts • Bill Helm • David Bray • Tom Corbin • Mao Shing Ni • Misha Cohen • Peter Firebrace • Armin Koch • Dan Lobash • Will Maclean • Greg Sperber • Robin Kelly • Monika Kobylecka • David Euler • Donna Keefe • Ilkay Chirali • Jani White • Belinda Anderson • Master Wu • Stephen Birch • Thea Elijah • Ron Puhky • Yuan Wan • David Twicken • Subhuti Dharmananda • Mary Elizabeth Wakefield • Michael Weber • David Allan • David Bray • David Don Liu • David Shipsy • Andy Rosenfarb • Andrew Sterman • Josephine Spilka • and more!

Past Veterinary Speakers have included:

Bruce Ferguson • Steve Marsden • Patricia Baley • Uwe Petermann • Kevin May • Tiffany Rimar • Are Thoresen

“I think you did a fabulous job. Well organized and lots of choices for speakers. Thank you!”

COMS Attendee


COMS In-Depth 2020 is being held at the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront.

Location & Directions

The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront is located in the Coal Harbour.
1133 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3T3, CANADA.


This March, our COMS In-Depth 2020 brings to you world-renowned TCM experts and teachers, Jeffrey Yuen, Whitfield Reaves and Mazin Al-Khafaji.


Spend intensive 2-3 day sessions with our TCM expert teachers – Jeffrey Yuen, Whitfield Reaves & Mazin Al-Khafaji!